Presentation of the Book “5th Season of Earth in Iran” in Tehran Book Garden, 18 November, 2018 A story of an Iranian Artist Fighting for the Women Rights         Sahar Ajdamsani is an Iranian singer, poetess, songwriter, photographer & … Continued


THE ROAD FROM THE COVERS OF INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINES TO GEN Y BLOG WITH GENERATION Y SHOES     It’s hard to believe but a very handsome Marcus Zierke (Germany) from the covers of international magazines such as Men’s Health, GQ, … Continued


LATEST DISCOVERIES ABOUT LEONARDO DA VINCI   On the occasion of a new discovery about Leonardo da Vinci, in June 2016, I had the honour to talk with Alessandro Vezzosi, an outstanding man, art critic, leonardista, interdisciplinary expert and creative … Continued


A FAMOUS BRITISH YOGA MASTER, YOGABEATS FOUNDER, ABOUT PEACE, LOVE AND HIS COUSIN – AMY WHINEHOUSE      David Sye, Frankie Vaughan’s son and well known British musician, singer of No Mad Karma and King Hippy bands, after strong experiences … Continued


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 “ARTIST OF NATURE”. WINE AGRICULTURE REVOLUTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA A part from being the producer of the finest coffee in the world, Costa Rica offers a fine glass of wine as well, thanks to Virgilio Vidor. A well known person … Continued