JL Interviews is a magazine compiled and written by Joanna Longawa in Rome, Italy. It is an online press project founded by Joanna herself in 2015 and its a multilingual publication. JL Interviews is inspired by Dante De Monarchia’s universal theory, Civitas universalis humani generis, the Editor in chief‘s leading idea to show and appreciate the World Art Universal Heritage and social unity. The magazine promotes worldwide culture through interviews conducted by Joanna with cultural representatives from all walks of life like artists, actors, musicians, film makers, models, photographers, social workers, scientists and many more in the form of a dialogue. The aim of this project is to emphasize the need for a social world through art and to participate in a real artistic life by establishing new collaborations and organizing social interesting events everywhere.

Why interviews?

Being in love with Mikhail Bakhtin’s opera, analyzing mostly Dostoevsky’s poetics, The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays, like him Joanna Longawa sustains that the dialogic expression is unending, always incomplete, and continues to produce further chains of responses: meaning it never closes and is always oriented toward the future. Nothing conclusive has yet taken place in the world, the ultimate word of the world and about the world has not yet been said, the world is open and free, everything is still in the future and will always be in the future, as this magazine.