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WITH A SMILE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING  | 10 October-6 November 2019

Vernissage and cocktails: Thursday 10 and Friday 11 October 2019 from 18:00 to 22:00

RvB Arts | Via delle Zoccolette 28 | 00186 Rome / Valligiano Antiques | Via Giulia 193 | 00186 Rome

With his new exhibition, FANTINI returns to his archetypes: faceless adolescents with red hair and subjects taken from nature – animals, trees, plants. In these stylized figures, the absence of physiognomic features describes an inner condition rather than a biographical datum. Girls convey a sense of lightness and joy, even where they coexist with covertly disturbing elements such as the frame of dark windows, or the night-time atmospheres that characterize many of the outdoor environments. It almost seems that the author, even with a smile, as the title says, can suggest to recover that infantile mental state in which hope and expectation become the antidote to a latent anxiety. Born in Rome in 1960, Roberto Fantini has had a long and varied career in the arts, working as a professional dancer, actor, photographer and painter and sculptor. He spent 14 years traveling and living outside Italy, a period that included long stays in Asia and particularly in Tibet, before returning to Rome in 2000. „Fantini’s works, through an elaborate layered technique composed of fabrics and painting, combine decorative originality and minimalist taste with originality. His attention to color and human interactions creates an authenticity that speaks directly to the viewer and earned him a large following in Italy and abroad”. Created by Michele von Büren, RvB ARTS promotes Accessible Art. The Gallery finds emerging talents and organizes exhibitions and events with the aim of making contemporary art known in a fun and informal way, making it also “affordable” from an economic point of view.



Curator and organization: Michele von Büren of RvB Arts

Critical text: Luisa Grigoletto

Info 3351633518 | www.rvbarts.com

The exhibition will remain open until Wednesday 6 November
times: 11: 00-13: 30 and 16: 00-19: 30 | Sunday and Monday closed



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