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Krasiczyn Castle in Poland 10th September 2022 – 6 p.m

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The semi-final of the first edition of the MarteLive Europe young talent competition will take place in Poland on September 10th at 6.00 p.m. at the Krasiczyn Castle in the Podkarpackie Region. The founder and originator of MarteLive is Giuseppe Casa. Jean-Marc Thiébaut is the European project director, and Joanna Longawa is its artistic manager, promoter and curator of the visual arts.


After one year and a half of searching, scavenging and scouting for the best talents throughout all Europe, the selections of MArteLive Festival are finally ending. We have gathered more than 1.100 artists coming from more than 40 countries have participated to the online auditions and now is time for the live show. The 48 European semi-finalists selected in the “East-West Connections” of the MArteLive international festival of emerging art have been announced in the last few days and will participate in the European semi-final scheduled for 10th September at Krasiczyn Castle in Poland.

The photo shows some semifinalists works by Paweł Kaźmierowski (Fashion), Marcela Gawęda (Digital Drawing) and Sławomir Zięba (Sculpture). On September 10th it will be revealed whether any of these artists will win the semi-final in Poland and will go to the grand final of the MarteLive Biennale in Rome in October.

During these spectacular live events, we will see the 3 best artists for each of the 16 artistic disciplines perform all together. The 16 final winners (one per discipline) will get a cash prize and the chance to fly to Rome for the unforgettable European Final Show from October the 18th to 23rd, spread throughout 60 different locations of the Eternal City, with an audience of 50,000 people. A unique opportunity for young and emerging artists: MArteLive is an international contest-festival aiming to help thousands of young European artists to showcase their talents, win prizes and network with fellow artists and professionals.

Other works of Poland’s semifinalists: “Daughters of the moon”, a photo by Daniela Ariza from Spain and Colombia, mural by Soen Bravo from Spain and a handicraft work by Aurore Vienne from France.

Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, MArteLive is open to a wide range of artists aged from 18 to 35 years: its 16 different cat ccegories go from painting to theatre, all the way to street art and craftsmanship. The artists selected during semi-final shows will later be the main characters of the great final show that will take place in Rome, from October 18th until October 23rd 2022. MArteLive is more than a contest, but rather an opportunity for professionals of the creative industry and artists to get in touch, connect and network in order to guarantee a better propagation of all types of art.

On the pictures following works: Ewa Sztefka, “We can still be friends” (Short film) from Poland, CMondeja (Digital Illustration) from Cuba and Spain, Kristina Tamankova (Handicraft) from Slovakia.

The aim of MArteLive is to break the glass ceiling between new talents and the art world and incentivize the freedom of expression and the proliferation of new artistic projects throughout Europe. It is in this context that the first MArteLive European edition takes place: after 20 years of experience in Italy, where we have helped thousands of young artists to express their artistic beliefs and gain international exposure, our plan is to expand this opportunity across the borders of its latin cultural cradle.

Discover the 48 semi-finalists of the “East-West Connection” Area on





Isla kume


Dj and producers:

Natalie Blüme





The Men with the Pink Triangle

La Col·lectiva Imaginària

Maria Caetano Vilalobos



Nina Plantefève Castryck

Company Opinion Public

Zsófia Safranka-Peti


Contemporary Circus:

Carlos Gaudi


Sara Greenberg



Cristina Chira

Zoia Coman

Baraba z mostu


Painting and Drawings:

Laurent Dumortier – repalced by Mrkok

Zlata Shyshman – replaced by Claire

Valentina Joiu



Slawomir Zieba

Regular Concrete

Darina Molatová



Julia Naboyoshi Moraki

Daniela Ariza

Chloé Clément


Digital illustration:

Carlos Mondeja


Marcela Gawęda


Street art:


Soen Bravo



Video Art:

Svitlana Korovai

Ferrario Mari

Malarte – MIYU presents Dries Bogaert


Fashion Design:


Maria Czarnecka

Paweł Kaźmierowski



Kika Tomańa

Aurore Vienne



Short Film:

Ewa Sztefka

Ioana Turcan

Alexa Ferreira


Music Video:

Magdalena Zielinska

Marcin Kluczykowski

Melinda Kádár


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