XV edition of the “Giardini Aperti” International Sustainability Festival and MArteLive Sardegna 2022 Competition






Karim Galici is a Creative Director of Impatto Teatro and one of co-organisers of both events: “Giardini Aperti” and MarteLive Sardegna 2022. JL Interviews magazine is a media partner of both events. Karim’s portrait by Piero Martinello.


If you go to Italy this Summer there are two amazing events you cannot miss: XV edition of the “Giardini Aperti” [Open Gardens], International Sustainability Festival, and MArteLive Sardegna 2022, a young talents international competition. Both were organized by Abaco Teatro in collaboration with Impatto Teatro with the patronage and support of the MiC / Ministry of Culture, the Region of Sardinia and the Municipalities concerned, with the contribution of the Foundation of Sardinia and with the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari. The 15th edition of “Giardini Aperti” starts in Cagliari between the Colle di San Michele Park (1-3 July) and the Public Gardens with the Municipal Art Gallery (8-10 July), while the Teatro Massimo of Cagliari on Tuesday 12 July from 6.30 pm hosts the final evening of MArteLive Sardegna 2022.. It continues in Maracalagonis in Su Coru de Mara (16-17 July), in Torre delle Stelle at the Park and in the Shila Garden (18 July), then in Monserrato in the House of Culture (21-22 July), in Quartucciu at the open-air theater ” Olata ”(23-24 July), in Quartu Sant’Elena at the Teatro di Paglia at the farm In Our Garden (28-29 July) and in Villaspeciosa in the San Platano Park (31 July-1 August). The final of MArteLive Sardegna 2022 will take place on Tuesday 12 July from 18.30 to 23.30 at the Teatro Massimo in Cagliari; the winners will then be guests in Rome of the Biennale MarteLive 2022, which will be held in October and includes, in addition to the national and European finals of the competition, also 15 special projects, with a rich “widespread” program in Rome and in various centers of the Lazio region.


Press Conference, Cagliari, 23 June 2022. Starring Karim Galici (Theater Impact) and Rosalba Piras (Open Gardens).
Press Conference, Cagliari, 23 June 2022. Starring Karim Galici (Theater Impact) and Rosalba Piras (Open Gardens)
Press Conference, Cagliari, 23 June 2022. Starring Karim Galici (Theater Impact) and Rosalba Piras (Open Gardens).
Press Conference, Cagliari, 23 June 2022. Starring Karim Galici (Theater Impact) and Rosalba Piras (Open Gardens)


What can we see there? Visions of art set in a natural setting with the 15th edition of “Giardini Aperti” – International Sustainability Festival and a MArteLive Sardegna 2022 Talents show. There is a rich and interesting program of theatrical performances, recitals, concerts, workshops, performances, exhibitions and literary meetings en plein air. You could also have “forays” into museums and ecological walks. The event is scheduled from 24 June to 1 August 2022 with participation of the stars such as Giobbe Covatta, Gianfranco Berardi (Ubu Award Best Actor 2018), the Polish writer and journalist Joanna Longawa, and the young Sardinian writer Matteo Porru (Campiello Giovani Award 2019). There will be present also The Duo x Caso, young circus theater company from Barcelona, ​​for the first time in Sardinia alongside to leading artists and companies of the island scene (and not only) for a fascinating journey through stories and emotions. The fil rouge of the traveling event is a burning topical issue such as environmental sustainability and therefore respect for the environment and the dialogue between man and nature, starting from the choice of “living” in the parks and green spaces of the city.  It is to favor natural lighting and battery-powered LED lights at night, to reduce energy consumption. Between ancient and modern fairy tales and myths and legends of the island, the XV Festival “Giardini Aperti” proposes the magic of the nouveau cirque and the visionary poetry of the street arts, including engaging theatrical pieces and refined mises en espace, crackling monologues and intriguing choreographies for rediscover the beauty of the landscape and the pleasure of being outdoors.


Giobbe Covatta was born on June 11, 1956 in Taranto, Puglia, Italy. He is an actor and writer, known for Muzungu (1999), All Human Rights for All (2008) and Il caso Pantani – L’omicidio di un campione (2020).
Joanna Longawa is a Polish journalist, writer, poet, translator and art curator based in Rome, Italy with a second home in Poland and Peru. Her book “Le prove dell’esistenza” soon will be launched in Spanish in Madrid, Spain and in Latin America. Ph Andrea Ceccarelli
Matteo Porru was born in Rome to a Sardinian father and a Venetian mother . He wins the Zingarelli Prize and arrives as a finalist at the Cambosu Prize. D di Repubblica, in the same year, included him among the 25 most promising under 25 in the world.
Gianfranco Berardi is an actor, known for Agadah (2017) and Il parco (in)visibile (2016). His theatre company Berardi Casolari is a strength that lies above all in the text, in the physicality and in a bare and minimal scenography. It is “a” new “counter-temporary” dramaturgy “.

The “Giardini Aperti” Festival was born with the aim of enhancing public and private parks and gardens, precious green corners in the heart of cities and protected spaces, transforming them into stages for the performing arts and galleries for exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs, with temporary and non-invasive installations, in the end to marry culture and nature. The festival that embraces different genres and languages ​​confirms, in this fifteenth edition, its “environmentalist” vocation, emphasizing fundamental issues for the present and for the future. Respect and care for the territory are central to the activity of Legambiente, partner of the festival, which offers walks and workshops where even the little ones can come into direct contact with nature, and represent a common thread that runs through the various evenings, with afternoon appointments dedicated to the very young and families and evening appointments designed for a more adult audience. The XV Festival “Giardini Aperti” includes meetings with the authors such as Matteo Porru (Campiello Giovani Prize in 2019), who presents his novel “Madre Ombra” and the Polish writer Joanna Longawa with a novel “Le prove dell’esistenza” [The proofs of existence], both with readings by Adriana Monteverde and Karim Galici, alongside the reading “Stop Plastic at Sea” freely inspired by the book by Filippo Solibello, a well-known radio presenter, correspondent for Catepillar and inventor of the “M’illumino di Meno” campaign and the exhibition “Mare Nostrum” with paintings “Themed” by the multifaceted actor and painter Tiziano Polese.


“Little Red Riding Hood” by ABACO TEATRO
Solo por Dos, Due per caso – Theatre Company from Spain
“Little Red Riding Hood” by ABACO TEATRO
The Great Show of the End of the World – Theater en Vol

Since 2001 MArteLive has revolutionized the way of thinking and experiencing art in Italy, thanks to its innovative format – “the total show” – which provides for the overlapping and succession of several performances of music, theater, dance and contemporary circus, exhibitions of painting and photography, artistic craftsmanship, graphic art, live painting and street-art, projections, installations, reading and video-art to give life to a single event, at the same time, in the same location. The simultaneity of the events favors interactivity with the public, involved on an aesthetic and emotional level and called to vote for the competing works. The starting point is in fact the MArteLive contest, whose selections take place throughout the national territory, offering visibility and opportunities for expression to more than 2000 emerging artists every year (with the involvement of over 40,000 artists in 20 years) is a springboard for young talents, who have thus been able to establish themselves in various fields, achieving important awards. We could see, among others, Gio Evan (Sanremo Giovani 2020 and on the Ariston stage at the Sanremo 2021 Festival), Nobraino (Folk-Rock group who collaborated with Roy Paci and Morgan), Post-operative Pain Management (one of the most controversial of the Italian independent scene, with already 5 albums to his credit) and Nicola Virdis (finalist at Italia’s Got Talent).

JL INTERVIEWS magazine invites you all to take part in these two amazing events!





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