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Masters of Italian Photography: Tano D’Amico, Roberto Strano and Tony Gentile during interview by Gaetano Savattieri in Dolce Vita Gallery @ Ph Marc Reed


ROMA – On the 4th of May, 2017, in via Palermo 41 in Rome (Italy), Dolce Vita Gallery in collaboration with JL Interviews magazine had the honor of three great worldwide famous Italian photographers as guests: Tano D’Amico, Tony Gentile and Roberto Strano. The meeting, led by a well-known TV journalist, Gaetano Savattieri (Matrix, Canale 5), was entitled The Art of Photoreportage. The conversation with the invited masters was very lively, with no shortage of polemics and in the end, with help of the public, raised questions regarding the role of photography in the present, digital age.

It was no coincidence that all the stars of the evening were Sicilian. So called “sicilianity” was one of the subjects discussed. According to L’Espresso journalist, Maria Simonetti, in the article La Sicilia rinasce: in fotografia, [Sicily Re-born: in Photography], a Sicilian school of black and white photography is a reality. There world-famous artists emerged: Letizia Battaglia, Nicola Scafidi, Ferdinando Scianna, Enzo Sellerio, Carmelo Bongiorno, Carmelo Nicosia, Sandro Scalia, our guests and many many others.

Most of these excellent Sicilian artists (including the likes of Giuseppe Tornatore, Giorgio Leone, Fausto Giaccone) we will soon find in a photo book, still untitled, by Roberto Strano, to be published by Claudio Corrivetti, Postcard editor, by the fall. The latest books by the other photographers at the meeting include: Di cosa sono fatti i ricordi [What Memories are Made of] by Tano D’Amico (IBS) and La guerra. Una storia sicilina [The War. A Sicilian story](Postcard) by Tony Gentile.

During the meeting the great photographic trio mentioned the works of world photography legends such as Vivian Maier and Henri Cartier-Bresson, and tried to answer the question whether one picture can change history. The answer: yes. Everyone agreed that photography overcomes death (D’Amico), is a magical story (Strano) and will never die (Gentile). It is worth mentioning present were also noteworthy photographers and journalist such as Vittorio La Verde, Gilberto Petrucci (“papparazzetto” in Dolce Vita), Andrea Nemiz, Vittorio Morelli and Claudio Corrivetti (Postcard).

Written by Joanna Longawa

Photo Gallery by Daniele Oliveri

On the pictures: Introducing event, Andrea Dezzi, manager of Dolce Vita Gallery @ Our guests greetings friends after interview: Roberto Strano with a Photographer of Dolce Vita, Gilberto Petrucci @ Tony Gentile, Gaetano Savattieri, Tano D’Amico and Roberto Strano out of the Gallery @ Marco Geppetti, Marcello’s son and Dolce Vita Gallery’s owner with Roberto Strano and Joanna Longawa, JL Interviews editor in chief

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