“PHOTOGRAPHY IS A SECONDARY THING. I AM INTERESTED IN HUMANS”       Szymon Szcześniak was born in 1975 in Poland, earned a Bachelor Degree of Photography at the Institute for Creative Photography (ITF) in Opava, Czech Republic in 2004 … Continued


WHEN THE TUSCANY JEWEL ART MEETS THE BUTTERFLIES FROM COSTA RICA     Jewelry Maestro, Fabrizio Acqufresca, specializes in classical Italian art and the ancient technique of “cesello” that formed part of the artistic dynasty and lifework of the Acquafresca … Continued


VIOLATED ANGELS IN THE SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY As Ryszard Kapuscinski said, a journey for a real reporter begins neither the instant we set out, nor ends when we have reached our door step once again but it starts much earlier and is … Continued