“Sicilians. Sicilian Photographers Around the World” personal exhibition by Roberto Strano

1st to 11 November 2019






“Sicilian Photographers Around in the World” in Palazzo Merulana is an exhibition by photographer Roberto Strano (Caltagirone, Sicily), one of the major protagonists of the local and international contemporary scene. The exhibition project, inaugurated on Friday 1 November at 7.00 pm, is open to the public until Monday 11 November 2019. During the inauguration was presented the recent publication by the same author “Compagni di Viaggio. Sicilian Photographers Around the World” (PostCart, 2019) in the presence of Roberto Strano, Gaetano Savatteri (writer and journalist), Toni Gentile (photographer), Claudio Corrivetti (Publisher PostCart), Andrea Valeri (Palazzo Merulana Cultural Activities Manager) and Lia Pasqualino (Photographer). Among the public there were many photographers and a group of “calatini” in support of Roberto Strano including the Caltagirone actress Nicol Grimaudo.

The exhibition contains about 60 photographs depicting great names in Sicilian photography, such as Letizia Battaglia, Enzo Sellerio, Ferdinando Scianna, Giuseppe Tornatore, Tano D’Amico, Franco Zecchin, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Marco Glaviano, Toni Gentile, or Fausto Giaccone, who through the camera, have illustrated Sicily and the world with a dry and raw look, without mystifications. Roberto Strano, with a rigorous and lucid cut, has managed to capture them in private moments, building an overview of portraits of effective realism and great attention. He grasped, with skilful technique and without rhetoric, the strength and character of a land excellently expressed by every one of his narrators through images, and with a masterful direction he emphasized in every black and white photographs the uniqueness of each moment.

Gaetano Savatteri, not surprisingly, described photographs of the Sicilian author as follows: “Photographers photographed by Strano reveal this sort of pathology: Sicilians who invented Sicily with their images. Where the invention stands for discovery. We can say that Roberto Strano has reconnected the threads, developing a catalog of explorers and travelers who have crossed the island far and wide to form a new one, more real than the real one, more durable than stone and wind. His book is a game of mirrors, references, affinities and quotations like a family album of an imagined, imaginary and visionary family ”. JL Interviews, Trendy. Art of Living, Romeing and Unfolding Roma were media partners of the event. The event was organised in collaboration with JL Interviews and Joanna Longawa.



IN THE PICTURES: Roberto Strano, Tony Gentile, Gaetano Savattieri, Lia Pasuqalino, Andrea Valeri, Claudio Corivetti, Hernàn José Benchaya, Angelina Lenn, Andrea Corneli, Elzbieta Makarska, Ewa Wolanin, Daniela Persichino, Fabiana Roscioli, Nicole Grimaudo, Salvatore Nicosia, Debora Laufer, Serenella Di  Marco, Fausto Canzoni, Mariapia Strano, Emanuele Gambino (Unfolding), Antonio Amendola (Romeing), Daniele Flaiban and many more…

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