Polish, German and Dutch models (in the photo: Sonia Małolepsza, Luiza Benzouaoua, Paulina Binko, Sylwia Wójcik, Wiki Topyło, VARYA, Jasmin Ishak, Kristina Epp) behind the scenes of the Kovalowe show in their latest collection Crystal in Palazzo Ferajoli in Rome. The airy pleats, “crystal” fabrics and strong colors perfectly harmonized with the characteristic interiors of the Palace. The photo was taken by Monika Mraczek.


ITALY, ROME, PALAZZO FERRAJOLI – On July 15, 2021 in the heart of the Eternal City, in Palazzo Ferrajoli, close to Piazza Colonna, Satisfashion Roma & Mystyle Events by Kasia Stefanów organized fashion shows of young talented designers from Poland (such as Kovalowe, Mo.Ya Fashion, Robert Czerwik, Angelika Józefczyk, Kamila Froelke, Magdalena Arłukiewicz, Klaudia Markiewicz and others), Germany (Aynur Pektas) and Italy (Emilio Bonadio, Alwaysupportalent). The event had place under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome, headed by Ambassador Anna Maria Anders. The ambassadress of the event itself was the International Ballet Star, prima ballerina, actress, singer, MC, Ambassador-Endorser for Fashion brands, choreographer, writer, producer, Founder and President at PromoArt Monte Carlo Production, Lorena Baricalla. The organizer was dressed in the dress by the Italian designer, Salvatore Piccione, while Baricalla shone in the project by Barbara Piekut. The audience included, among others representatives of the Polish embassy, ​​the already mentioned Ambassador with Anna Wawrzyniak, Anna Kurdziel, Anna Wójcik-Laskowska, Agnieszka Hoppen-Klikowicz and Ewa Falkowska. Also there were present celebrities such as Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli, Emanuela D’Alessandro – advisor to the President of the Republic of Italy, Ilian Rachov – painter and freelance designer of Bulgarian origin associated with Versace, Silvio Fiorello and Aleksander Alembert Miami, Ewa Bardadin – a great personality of Polish fashion, stylist and critic, Magdalena Antosiewicz – author of the popular Polish blog Thirty Fashion, Joanna Longawa, journalist, writer and JL Interviews chef in chief, Hubert Janczak – internet publisher at Golden Media, journalist from TTV and Michał Jedynak from MIC-ART from Krakow.

New collection by Barbara Piekut, Mo.Ya Fashion / Ph MyStyle Events Archive
Robert Czerwik with models // Ph Monika Mraczek
New collection by Robert Czerwik // Ph Monika Mraczek
New collection by Emilio Bonadio / Ph Mystyle Events Archive
Cindy Koopmans in Alwaysuportalent, Flavia Cannata with jewels by Alessandra Aiardo / Ph Alain Sasabone
Luiza Benzouaoua in Angelika Jozefczyk dress / Ph Alain Sasabone
Magdalena Antosiewicz, Polish fashion blogger with the designer Olga Ziemann, Silk Epoque / Ph Hello Foto
Jasmin Ishak in Mo.Ya Fashion / Ph Alain Sasbone
Kristina Epp dresed by Kovalowe / Ph Hello Foto
Jasmin Ishak in Kovalowe dress / Ph Hello Foto
One of the dresses by Klaudia Markiewicz / Ph Hello Foto
A project by Klaudia Markiewicz / Ph Hello Foto

From Polish brands stand out Kovalowe, Mo.Ya Fashion by Basia Piekut with Chilli Jewelery and Kamila Froelke. Viewers liked these three Polish brands and the Arłukiewicz-Gliwiński show the most. “I was surprised by the quality and high level of tailoring, innovative ideas implemented with great professionalism and the design of some designers. It was a haute couture that I haven’t seen for a long time”, commented Rachov. Ewa Bardadin said: “The evening began with a show by Robert Czerwik that was full of ruffles, tulle and femininity (a contemporary, brave and independent woman). I was personally delighted by Basia Piekut, Mo.Ya Fashion, by her beautiful, noble materials and a very sublime and elegant design; all in bright summer colors. These beautiful long dresses with intricately sewn silk beads invite you to have great outings. The designer herself showed up in a beautiful and very interesting black short dress. The Kovalowe sisters also delighted with their creativity and energetic design. Looking at the set with pleated trousers and such a coat in the white and blue color, my head was spinning with excitement. There was also an elegant cobalt-colored velor. The magical long evening dress won numerous applause. There were many shows and each of them was different. It was definitely a Polish evening in Rome, a city known for haute couture”. The shows ran smoothly, the models delighted with their beauty, mainly Jasmin Ishak from Germany, Cindy Koopmans from the Netherlands and Luiza Benzouaoua and Izabela Kisielewska from Poland. The successful evening was also due to make-up artist Felix Shtein Art Make up School and choreographer Iwona Leśniak. The event was sponsored by the media, among others The Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Gazzetta Italia, Fashion United,, or Unfolding Roma. FALÙ Jewels, Manuela Gomez.Handmade in Italy, MarosEtti, Zenga Raffaele Boutique, Fabiola Torebki and Rosalinda gioielli took care of accessories to the collections (jewelry, shoes and handbags). It was an unforgettable evening, one of a kind.

Dress by Emilio Bonadio / Ph Hello Foto
Jacqueline Scholtes in Magdalena Arłukiewicz dress with Aleksander Gliwinski jewels/ Ph Hello Foto
Paulina Binko in Robert Czerwik dress / Ph Hello Foto
Designer Kamila Froelke with her models / Ph Hello Foto
Organizer Kasia Stefanów with Polish Ambassador, Anna Maria Anders and with ambassadress of the event, Lorena Baricalla / Ph Monika Mraczek
Ewa Bardadin, stylist and fashion critic with JL Interviews chef in chief, Joanna Longawa / Ph Monika Mraczek
Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli with painter and designer, Ilian Rachov and / Ph Monika Mraczek
Lorena Baricalla with American producer Julius R. Nasso / Ph Dan Lavore WSLA Communication & Media Manager.
Polish Ambassador, Anna Maria Anders with Anna Wawrzyniak, Anna Kurdziel, Anna Wójcik-Laskowska / Ph Monika Mraczek
Ewa Bardadin with Kovalowe sisters behind the scenes / Ph Monika Mraczek
Ilian Rachov, Joanna Longawa, Ewa Bardadin and Michal Jedynak / Ph Laura Larario
Designer Barbara Piekut / Ph Joanna Longawa

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