Determination and talent, passion and courage summarize the particulars of the very appreciated Italian capital stylist Mario Orfei, today Krizia Orfei, who in only a few years positioned her brand in the international fashion scenery. Orfei’s shop is located in via delle Quattro Fontane 29, in Rome.

Mario, reborn as Krizia, received the first Award in 2017 (on the occasion of the world final of The Look of the Years in Catania, Sicily) and then officially consecrated her brand on January 27, 2017, on the platforms of the Roman Fashion Week (Altaroma), there presenting the Fall / Winter 2017/18 collection and, in June 2017, the Summer collection.

Thanks to her shows in Rome, Orfei’s collections arrived in Dubai in November 2017 and, in December of the same year, in the “Silk Road World Fashion” in Hongqing, in China. Krizia talked to JL Interviews about her successes, dreams and life metamorphosis, as she said, “a natural passage of the identity”. Her new collection FEEL EARTH is dedicated to nature.

What is fashion for you?

I realized fashion was my life when I was little. My grandmother showed me how to make bracelets with colour threads. I matched colours with each other. Fashion is a form of my being, of my nature and my expression that I manifest by a style, a pleasure and a creativity of colours and fabrics you feel your own. Without it, I would not be myself. It is essential for me.

When did you understand that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I was a child. And as a child I did not find myself drawn to mathematics or other sciences in school. I knew I was made to draw, to create. Art is part of me. As an adult I started designing in Goldsmithing, I graduated there and then I graduated in Applied Art. My interest increased. It was as if I was hungry and fed on painting and photography. I enrolled in the academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in the scenography section, and there I emerged in a definitive identity by designing sets and costumes. It was my evolution. There, I felt my soul complete. I had reached the final state of my contentment becoming a fashion designer.

How do you describe your Women/Men New Line?

My fashion combines trends, colours, forms, painting and sculpture. The final effect of the collection is an image, a photograph, a direction of all the arts. The women’s collection is a search for contrasting volumes, a balance between the lightness of chiffon and the body. This collection is structured by 140 garments and is composed of evening dresses and daytime epaulettes suits. Designing for men and women, I am doing a detailed research of the fashion from the past to now revisiting today’s times.

What kind of women wear your clothes?

It is an autonomous and determined woman who knows herself, her femininity and her sensuality and wears my clothes with class. The Krizia griffe dresses a woman attentive to details who knows how to move with elegance in all environments.

You received your first Fashion Award The Look of the Years and, in 2017, 2018, you presented your collections in Fashion Rome Week. How do you remember it?

There I presented two collection Men and Women. The Men’s collection was very glamourous, trendy, with colourful contrasts, 80s style, bright colours. The Women’s Summer collection was also full of bright colours and contrasts, with yellow and blue. It was a luxurious pret a porter for women who want to be in the centre of attention.

Your passage from Mario to Krizia Orfei created some problems in the fashion world for you?

The passage of the identity was totally natural. I listened to myself, I wanted to respect myself, feel myself. I heard the voice inside telling me: “Mario, Krizia is inside you!”. My sexual identity just made things better in my job. My identity and acceptance of myself, seeing my nature has only improved my vision of fashion. Nothing has changed with my new identity neither in my work, nor in the society.

How did you realize you needed a sex metamorphosis?

I realized it one day when I was watching myself in the mirror. I had to understand what was wrong. I felt a voice telling me I had another imprisoned person inside me. It wasn’t difficult, even talking to my family. I am who I am and I am not doing anything wrong to anyone. It was very spontaneous.

What is your dream at the moment? What goal would you like to achieve?

I achieved my goal to be myself. It completes me and makes me design even more. Otherwise, my dream is creating and disseminating the creativity Made in Italy and to have a firm position in my field.

Where can your new fans follow you and order your creations?

I am on Instagram as Mario Orfei. You can ask me about the garments by sending a private message.


Writern by Joanna Longawa

Photos come from the Krizia’s archive


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