6th Febbruary, 2019, Guadalajara, Los Arrayanes Cafè, Mexico





“Night in Venice”, the photographic exhibition by Carljim was held in Guadalajara, in Los Arrayanes Cafè, Mexico, 6th Febbruary, 2019. This was only the first “chapter” of a series of exhibitions that the Mexican photographer is going to present this year in all the world. On the picture, took by Mario Lara, Carljim hugs his friend and artistic patron, a paintor Juan Carlos Santoscoy. They both belong to the artistic Pleiades of the city of Guadalajara.


“Strange scars, the diary in the eye of a vetoed soul” is the title of a series of upcoming exhibitions of photographs seen from the eye of Carljim (Carlos Jimenez, JL Interviews foreign collaborators). The Mexican photographer artist tells stories with images. The photographs expresses his feelings when capturing the urban and natural landscapes around different cities of the world. On this occasion he had the opportunity to make his 3rd photographic exhibition in his native town, Guadalajara, within the corridors and gardens of the emblematic and historic Farah House, architectural patrimony of the city, in “Los Arrayanes cafe” famous for the event called “cultural Wednesday”.

In this edition of “Strange Scars, the diary in the eye of a vetoed soul: Night in Venice” Carljim shows the essence of the city of Venice. In each work, the viewer can appreciate this historic city without the presence of people, its architecture, channels, streets and every corner of the city with a certain distortion by the optics and technique that the photographer uses. “I arrived in Venice alone, without plans, very lucky for the reason of a disappointed love. I think that caused me to walk a lot accompanied by my camera. I just wanted to be alone, get away from everything and the surprise was late at night when there were no turmoil of tourists. I decided to capture what my eye was seeing at that moment, with a broken heart and my soul overflowing through my lens. I have always said that the night has two faces, it can shelter you from joy or shatter you slowly before the doubts of a cold looks river “.

This exhibition is opening the series of urban and natural landscapes that will be exhibited in several countries. Carljim hopes to present his work also in some Italian cities soon. What is important to add is that the well known Mexican plastic artist Juan Carlos Santoscoy (also interviewed by JL Interviews) sponsored the event and introducted Carljim to the world of art. The cultural television such as C7 channel, the Elements and others were present at the exhibition. After a huge worlwide successes of the film “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón and „Day Six” by Juan Pablo Arroyo Abraham, the exhibition of Carljim is another “Mexican product” of high quality with forecast for the international success.


Written by Joanna Longawa

Photo Report by Mario Lara

Video by Oscar Hernandez


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