Amai Rodríguez, new fashion entry and illustrator (Zara Women), was born in Poio, Pontevedra, (Galicia, Spain), in 1985. She studied Fine Arts at Vigo University and Fashion Design in ESDEMGA (Galicia). She debuted as fashion designer in 2008, at the Madrid Fashion Week, (Ego de Cibeles) and she was ITS #7’ finalist in Trieste (Italy). In 2009 she released her second collection in Madrid Fashion Week where she won the L´Oréal Paris Prize. She attends Bilbao’s Catwalk, Galicia Fashion Week, Fashion Freak Festival in Madrid and Barcelona.

Appreciated by customers and the international press (Vogue Spain, The Guardian, El Attelier, The Times, Yes, Vanitad, El Pais, Grazia Spain and more), today Amai Rodríguez is a growing brand, made in Spain, where the concept and aesthetics go together. Every collection has a story behind it and, as the designer said to JL Interviews magazine, she is inspired by the music she loves when creating her own illustrations. In her collections you will find prints, colors, baroque and theatre fantasies, postmodern craziness and, of course, quality and handcraft.

While living in Barcelona, Rodriguez focuses on different Art exhibitions with her illustrations, improving her patterns. This year she finally released her third collection during Madrid Fashion Week 2017 – Fall Winter 2017/2018, “collection with retrospace esthetics” (by Beatriz de Asis for Vogue) and digitalized prints that were first drawn and colored by hand by the artist. Her amazing and unique creations are available at We are sure, the future of fashion is in Amai’s magical hands.

Your last collections are fabulous, joyful, positive, full of colours, stripes, images, masks, frills, writings, flowers ect. Do they reflect your character?

It is true that I love colors and I think that I have become more positive these last years! So if I created those clothes probably it means they are part of my personality. I love to combine different things, things that don’t match, and have that feeling of extravagance. On the other hand I love printed things, I really like the world of illustration, so it was amazing to see my drawings coming to life.

What inspires you? How does the process of creating look in your case? Is it slow or maybe you have the entire all collection in your mind from the beginning?

My main inspiration comes from music! If I weren’t a fashion designer I would love to be a musician, for me it is my daily life’s motor. So, sometimes the collection starts with part of the lyrics of a song and then it is slowly developed. I can have a global idea of the collection but the details and some changes occur during the process of shaping and creating, which is the best part for me. How the former idea is turned into others? Inspiration can come at any time and change some ideas but respects the main concept.

You are young and very successful. What would you like to achieve in fashion business?

I would love to continue with my own brand, it is so difficult nowadays as there are gigantic companies which offer good design and cheap prices, so it is quite hard to compete against them, but it is my dream to have a small atelier. I don’t ask for huge things but at least to work in what I love!

Who is your personal fashion icon and with whom would like to collaborate with one day, if there could be such an occasion?

I really love Christian Benner’s work, a fashion designer established in New York and famous for his custom leather jackets and rock t-shirts. Simply amazing! I also love the way he changed his life to become who he is now. Just a gorgeous true story and an example to follow!

How would you describe the Spanish fashion market and Spanish designers? Is there now a lot of competition in your country?

I think we have amazing resources and a great environment to create and also we have created our seal of identity “made in Spain” which certifies great quality and a design of care and love. There are really good designers here in Spain, so the competition is high, but there is a space for everyone.

What do you think about worldwide famous Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga and his style? 

Balenciaga was a visionary and a great artist and an artisan and the brand has always been worldy known for its savoir-faire and has kept that magic and beautiful style with its different Art directors. Cristobal Balenciaga is a major reference in the fashion world and an example of the amazing fashion path we have in Spain.

The press sustains often that nowdays there is nothing we can invent in art and fashion, we always repeat old models. Do you agree? What is the future of fashion in your opinion?

I think there are many things that needed to be invented, maybe more about creating new machines or technology to generate new fabrics but it is obvious that fashion will be always on the human body, so it means it has that kind of limit but it shouldn’t be limited at the same time.

You born in northern Spain, in Galicia, in Pontevedra and now you live in Barcelona. Tell me, how does your birthplace and a new big city stimulate your art vision?

I know that my inspiration has always been part of my hometown and also it is influenced by the city I’m living in. Barcelona is pure magic and has a fast lifestyle while Galicia is so naturally inspiring and my roots. So unconsciously I always represent both places, so important in my life.

What will be your next collection about? Where international fashion victims can buy your clothes? 

I think it’s gonna be a tribute to my favourite music. As I said before, music is my main inspiration, so this time I will probably talk about it. Although I’m a bit superstitious and I prefer not to explain the things in advance. International costumers can buy clothes through the online shop as we ship worldwide.

How do you understand terms “attractive” and “fashionable”? Is it the same? 

Attraction doesn’t mean fashionable as you can be attractive without following trends. It can be both things at the same time or it could be “in fashion” but not attractive. Well, that is from my point of view, but terms and labels are nowadays sometimes a bit mixed and confusing.

What is Amai Rodriguez private style of wearing? How would we see you on the street: more elegant, classic, sportive, casual or other?

All of them! It depends on the day, the things I have to do, I can wear sneakers to run from one place to another, I can be elegant when I have meetings. In the end of the day, although I create colorful collections, I wear a bit darker and grunge clothes.

Which country for you is a true capital of fashion, where would you like to live or if not live forever, where would you like to return always? I am in love with London, where the creativity is so high and the freedom of fashion too. I was living there and I always go back whenever I can! Then I would say Italy and France, they have always been super powerful countries for designing. I would love to visit Los Angeles and New York, I find them super inspiring, at least what I can see through pictures. Finally, I want to live here in Spain, close to my family but traveling a lot.

Written by Joanna Longawa

Photos taken from the AMAI RODRIGUEZ ARCHIVE @ Show Fall Winter 2017 photographed by Pablo Latorre for Vogue @ Old shows photographed by Tomy Pelluz

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