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Marta Mezynska is a Polish artist based in Milan, Italy. She was born in 1981 in Białystok, in notheastern Poland. Marta studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she graduated with a Barchelor of Arts degree in painting under the mentorship of Professor J. Modzelewski. In 2004, She contributed to scenography and traditions for theatrical shows and films. What unites her work is her distinctive architectural element. Marta Mezynska exhibitions were presented in the just ended Milano-Expo FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE for expositions in Fabbrica del vapore (M-WAM – MILANO WORLD ARTS MAP) held under the theme DETAIL in Teatro Nuovo (Piazza San Babila). The paintings of Mezynska reveal to the observer pleasant and intriguing surprises. Marta paints shop windows using strong colors and lively composition. Each showcase of Marta seems familiar, they capture the imagination of places that we might have been or we may have passed by. Inspired by Edward Hopper, She is focused on the details, the lights are precise and objects are sharp, hyper-realistic and at the same time melts into the dream. As she puts it during our short interview: “Thanks to this, it often happens that by showing people the pictures of my paintings you cannot distinguish what is the painting and what is reality. “



How would you describe your art? How was your particular style born?

My art is certainly very positive and full of colors and i’m happy. I feel cheerful even when I paint the gray and on ugly buildings; for me they are still fascinating. I try to always find a silver lining in the architecture that I paint. My style was born slowly and is constantly evolving, an artist changes his style throughout his entire life, I do not know if I will have the same style next year.

Your last two exhibitions in Milan were presented during the EXPO 2015 but your works with nutrition have not so much to do with painting, do they?

True, the date of the first exhibition in Teatro Nuovo was on May 4, in correspondence with the start of the EXPO, but honestly it was not scheduled to be in the same period. Rather we made sure that the date does not coincide with the Venice Biennale. As you have noticed my works have to do with nutrition, I sincerely hope that it is a break for viewers to see something that is not about the food.

You paints windows, storefronts, buildings. What is the role of man in this world full of objects?

It is hard to find a human figure in my paintings, I avoid it. During my studies I worked a lot with the figurative art and when I finished the academy, I decided to say “basta”. Presently I concentrate only on the architecture that regards the work of my father and the passion that has always had.

Let’s talk about the light? What’s the role of the light in your paintings?

Lights are very important in my paintings, without them there would be no play between colors and shadows. It would be all too flat, although many of my works concern the design and graphics, thanks to the lights I can get closer to the building or the real showcase. Thanks to this, often happens that by showing people the pictures of my paintings you cannot distinguish what is the painting and what is reality.

Your art seems to be taken from the Andreas Gursky photographs. Is he inspiring you?

Absolutely not. I am not inspired by anyone who is still alive and is still working. The only one that always inspired me was Edward Hopper. It is true that the photographs, especially those of the buildings look like my work. But it is certainly difficult nowadays that only one person is fascinated by the beauty of public housing. I often find inspiration in many artists but fortunately everyone has their own style.

Do people need the art like yours? We are already surreanded by objects…

I don’t like to think that people are surrounded by too many objects and would not want one of my works at home because it was too cumbersome. However, first of all, I do my work for myself, for my pleasure and my passion. If what I produce is appreciated from others It’s a source of satisfaction for me. I’m very proud that someone wants to have my works in a special place for them as their home.



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