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Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young is an associate and member of the Royal Society of Medicine. She is a graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Biology and is an experienced micro-biologist. Jennifer also lectures as well as practices Nutritional Therapy in skin care and product formulation. She is also a qualified Aromatherapist and a beauty therapist too. She has two post graduate qualifications in health related fields and has been active in medical research. She combines her knowledge from all of these areas and applies it to the skin and the results are astounding. Since graduating at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) Jennifer has used her nutritional knowledge to inform her skincare formulations. Her health related columns have featured in National Newspapers and magazines like The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express, My Healthy Living, Women’s Weekly, The Health Store Magazine and Predictions. Jennifer works directly with many groups that support cancer patients, giving skin care and beauty advice. Such groups include, Womb Cancer Support UK and University Hospital North Staffs Cancer Centre. The scientist answers specific skin care queries via her Twitter account @jenniferskin. As She sustains in our online interview, customised skin care is an entirely new concept, a concept loved by all that have tried it. I must say, Jennifer impressed me by her determination, otpimism and knowledge. We can say it loudly, She is a pioneer in post-cancer beauty treatment that  benefits the skin from therapeutic qualities associated with the ingredients. But this amazing woman is not only a scientist, doctor and writer, she is also an editor of “Beauty Despite Cancer” and the creator of “Defiant Beauty”, the skincare and beauty collections formulated for use by those going through treatment for cancer.

You are the editor of “Beauty despite cancer” and the creator of Defiant Beauty, the skincare and beauty collections formulated for use by those going through treatment for cancer. What is your experience with this disease? How long have you been working on the right formula?

Thankfully my only experience is to have listened to others. Some ladies at my local hospital asked me to create the skincare collections. The formulations are quite difficult as they are so simple. I was told to exclude a lot of natural ingredients yet had to create a fragrance-free line that was both natural and organic. We have, however, been helping those living with and beyond cancer for many a year. We have had lots of conversations and are contacted with happy reviews every day. There are too many testimonials to share in detail (unless you really want us to). We find our word cloud conveys the common themes included in our correspondence. That was a difficult task – I started 6 years ago and I am not sure I am finished yet. I keep thinking of new products.

How exactly was this born cancer line come about? Was it your work as nutritional therapist and micro-biologist that gave you the idea to work for post-cancer patients or maybe it was a personal motivation?

Like I said before I started working with my local hospital to create the range about 6 years ago. The work was done at their invitation; women who were going through treatment there asked me to create a skincare range for cancer patients. The lead nurses for chemotherapy and radiotherapy really helped. We have 10 core products, 5 for face and 5 for body. These are the products that most people ask for and they form a complete range. I have tried to provide everything that a person will need from the point of diagnosis until their hair, skin and nails, if affected, have returned to normal.

What are the needs of post-cancer treatment patients? What kind of therapy do they expect?

There needs are largely the same as during treatment. Their skin remains dry and sensitive and they remain concerned about product ingredients. Many of those diagnosed change to a more natural lifestyle and this includes natural and organic products. My line „Defiant Beauty” is a specialist range, created at the request of those going through treatment with the help of their nursing team. The patients wanted a natural and organic range that was effective in combating their specific skin conditions. Research has shown that skin care products specifically formulated for cancer patients are ‘better’ than other products.1 Cancer patients report that the effective management of skin related side effects improves their quality of life during treatment.

Your cosmetics are only for women? If yes, why is it so? Do you plan in the future a male line?

No, men can use them too. We have some gifts sets that were created for men.  We don’t see a need for different products for men but I think we could do better with label design.

What led you to start your own company, Jennifer Young cosmetics? What new technologies do you use?

I started the skincare collections as I had been very ill. I used natural skincare prior to that and noticed that essential oils were used for their nice smell rather than their therapeutic qualities. It occurred to me that I could create something with a benefit in addition to the skin related benefits – for example, I could help nervous clients to be less anxious by including certain essential oils in their products. Rather than look to technology, I looked to herbal medicine and aromatherapy to help me – these ancient skills are much more reliable than technology in my opinion.

What is Jennifer Young cosmetics line about? What is the particularity of your products and what is the basic ingredient?

Providing clean and effective make-up. So many cosmetics lines contain really horrible ingredients. Things that I wouldn’t want to put on my skin. I was asked for make-up a lot and didn’t see the need until I went shopping for foundation with my daughter. I couldn’t find anything that I was prepared to let her put on her skin. It was then that I understood why my clients were asking me to create a skincare range. The products are natural, as organic as a make-up range can be and vegan. They are very ‘clean’. I also wanted a range that could minimise the skin related side-effects of treatment – it was difficult to achieve but worth the effort. What I can add is that The Defiant Beauty Collections are not pharmaceuticals, they are beauty products. As such it is inappropriate for us to have commissioned clinical trials. We have collected MYCAW data during our therapy sessions conducted using the collections. The data has not yet been collated. Early indications are positive.

Your contact with the customers is direct. You answer specific skin care queries via Twitter account @jenniferskin. On the bases of these requests presently what are you working on?

Ahhh that would be telling. All I can say is that I am always working on something…..

What is a magic formula for a perfect skin by Jennifer Young? What  does real beauty mean to you?

I think it is easy for me to say that beauty comes from within (and I think it does) but my clients are often in a situation where they feel so changed by treatment for cancer that they are unable to leave the house or even to look at their reflection. Most of the time my aim to is to help my clients to “recognise themselves” – I don’t promise perfection, just normality. Normality can be hard to achieve for most of my clients. It is my job to help them achieve it in very difficult circumstances.



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