At the end of July, 2020, in the Eternal City, Teatro Marcello area, JL INTERVIEWS magazine realized (an International Make up/Fashion Editorial by Bożena Wilczyńska Ruda (Polish make-up Artist based in Rome and Krakow), Maison Lombardi Haute Couture (Brasilian designer based in Italy) and Andrea Ceccotti, St.Peter Photo (one of the main Vatican photographers). The idea of this meeting was to manifest the eternal beauty of every woman. For the Roman shooting we used four evening high fashion dresses by Jose Lombardi, all embroidered: a red one, metallic black – hand painted, violet with Swarovski elements and of black sequins with fuchsia border.

Bożena explained her “Eternal Beauty” make up vision as follows: “The woman’s beauty has been admired for ages by various artists, painters, poets, and sculptors. I think it is eternal to emphasize it and I wanted to do it in my city, in Eternal Rome, where I have lived for more than 20 years (I moved to Krakow a month ago). It was a very joyous shoot. My car, a little Smart, served us as a make-up chair and “changing room”. It was a very hot day, we had a very good afternoon light, perfect to properly show the beauty of my model, Joanna Longawa, editor in chief of the magazine itself, who agreed to pose for me at my request”.

“We started with a very feminine classical iconic make-up – I mean red lipstick. This colour really emphasizes Slavic beauty: bright skin and angelic facial features, as in the case of our model. Of course, we could not miss the shiny skin and warm brown eyes. I am a fanatic of such a combination!”. The second make-up was adapted to the black airy dress with hand painted flowers. Here, I used clearer and sharper colours that created a sexy look. The next make-up (with the violet dress) was more delicate and shiny the same as the evening dress with a nude colour lipstick. I would say it was a very soft and elegant look. At the end, with the sequins dress, I suggested make-up that all women love, so called, smokey eyes, shiny with a wet effect, worthy of a super dress by José”.


In Bożena’s make-ups there must never be a lack of light. “I don’t like to change facial features of my models, on the contrary, I love to emphasize what is beautiful. I feel really happy when the women feel good with my make-up, when they are thankful, when I see it in their eyes”, she underlined. The photographer, Andrea, was of the same opinion as the make-up artist. “This photographic service was for me a homage of femininity. Joanna, in my opinion, embodies the beauty essence that surfaces more or less in every woman we meet. The model was very natural and her shapes were enhanced by the gorgeous dresses by Maison Lombardi Haute Couture. I try to completely express the message of beauty using the model’s body and personality”.


About Bożena’s work Andrea said: “Make-up plays the key role in this kind of shooting. Our make-up artist wisely managed to match the right colours for each dress, exalting the facial feature of a splendid Joanna. As Bożena said, the service was done in the afternoon, a very complex part of the day for us, photographers but this also gave us greater emotional value. It was worth the effort of having to balance the backlight or the transversal shadows for the benefit of a greater three-dimensionality of the context. I hope I could manage in my intents to honor Joanna’s beauty and the beauty of all women”.

The “Eternal Beauty” editorial is also a tribute to José Lombardi, numerously awarded as a designer (the last, Vincenzo Crocitti’s award as Best Emerging Stylist, he won in 2019). His firm Maison Lombardi Haute Couture is celebrating 20 years this month. “The photographs and make-up are very beautiful”, he said when he saw the final effect of our work. 20 years is a very important period of time. This is how he proudly summed up his career: “I thank the people who support me on my journey and my life partner, Giovanni Filangeri, who takes care of the hairstyles and the men’s line of the Maison, launched in 2009”. Lombardi’s creations are very much appreciated in the world of cinema and entertainment, especially during big events, and worn by the famous actresses and presenters such as Antonella Salvucci, Marina Orlova, Nadia Bengala, Micol Olivieri, Angela Achilli, Claudia Conte or Cosetta Turco.



Styling: Maison Lombardi Haute Couture (José Lombardi & Giovanni Filangeri) IG @maison.lombardi

Makeup & Hair: Bozena Wilczynska Ruda IG @bozena_makeup

Photographer: Andrea Ceccotti, St. Peter Photos IG @st_peter_photo_negozio_

Model: Joanna Longawa IG @jl_interviews_



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