Emiliano Donaggio

“The most important thing is to be yourself and especially be extravagant, without following a specific format.  I do not know if my style will change in the  future but my art will surely bring new emotions and new sensations. I am an artist that always is looking for something new to share with absolutely everyone, with people who love what surrounds them: the nature. That is the basis of everything”.



“Photography appeared very late in my life. I bought my first camera, when I was 23 and then I realized that for me it was something more than an hobby. Today I am recognizable in what I do but, please believe me, I never tried to describe my style. On the contrary, I think, I do not have one. I thank all those who think that I possess one. For me it is a great compliment!”


Emiliano Donaggio (born in 1975, Italy) and Justyna Pawlowska (born in 1974, Poland) are both great international artists but in different fields. The first is a painter, sculptor, fashion and furniture designer, lives in Venice where he works with great success. His jackets are worn by Elton John, Robin Williams and Madonna and his bags and shoes travel all over the world. Emiliano’s style, based on the recycled materials and inspired by the graffiti and Andy Warhol’s art, is extravagant, ideal for the strong artistic individual. The mixed colors, inscriptions and dates create his own microcosm of the apparent disorder. Elements such as the date of his birth or the words: killer, art, help, crocodile (an allusion to Elton John’s song), adidas, love, war, finish, no problem and so on repeat frequently.

Justyna Pawlowska, on the other hand, is a very famous fashion photographer and coolhunting teacher at the Accademia di Lusso in Rome. Her unusual works were, and still are, published in the most famous fashion magazines. At the age of 20 she moved to Rome where, after studying „Oriental languages and civilizations“, she graduated from the Roman School of Photography. The artist works in advertising and fashion photography. Her extraordinary pictures have been displayed in festivals, national and international competitions, including the selection of the Cool Book Tauvision during Fashion Week in Milan and The Festival of Fashion Photography in Cannes. The artist also worked for such names as Fiorucci, Volkswagen, Lexus, Comune di Roma, CONI, AGIP and more.

Some months ago, as Art Curator and Press Ofice Manager of ED, I invited both artists to collaborate together on an amazing powerfull editorial project dedicated to Pop Art, in ESCLUSIVA  for JL Interviews magazine. The photos were realized for our magazine in Rome in Studio 144. The designer personally posed to the photos accompanied by a beautiful and intriguing black model Adesewa. The visionary Pawlowska, who is specialized in portraits, played with the colors and forms of the photos, in fact entered into a dialogue with Warhol’s aesthetics yet not omiting the models’ personalities. Emiliano and Adesewa looked as if they belonged to a Pop Art paintings or posters. Guido Martirani, Carolina Turra, stylist, and Grazia Carbone, make up artist also contributed to this project. The result, as you can see, was outstanding.