Kaveh Afagh, Iranian Rock Star improvised performance with audience in concert

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For the first time in the world, an Iranian rock star, one of the most famous in the country, Kaveh Afagh, improvised performance in a live concert attended by 1,800 of his audience in Milad Tower International Convention Center, in Tehran. Before he has been banned for 10 years with the Ways Band (rock music band). As singer he started his professional music career in 2000.


The rock star managed to improvise a piece of music after comprehending that his audience were repeating very precisely his last lyric โ€œShawlโ€ from his new album with the same name, The Shawl. Currently, rock music in Iran has fewer fans than traditional & pop music & for this reason the activities of the singers of this style are also less than two other styles.

Kaveh Afagh, born May 1, 1983, is an Iranian singer, songwriter, arranger, and guitarist. He is also an actor and painter. He is best known for “Rock On”, a documentary about Persian rock. Afagh is the first rock singer in post-Islamic Revolution Iran to obtain an activity license, which he obtained after being banned for ten years from performing. He remains one of the country’s most prominent rock singers. Aside from his music, the artist has also exhibited his artwork in several art galleries. His artwork is influenced by music and social issues.

Strongly moved artist said after his performance: โ€œWhen the people started reading the song Shawl and I saw how good and correct this song was, suddenly it struck my mind to make melodies with the audience, and this piece also will appear in my next albumโ€. Whole event you can also see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWPUXWiLMdQ .


Report and photographs by Sahar Ajdamsani


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