She is French, 28 years old a mother, beautiful woman, very talented and a very determined photographer. I am talking about Deedee Morgane, as a professional photographer a relitively new entry into the worldwide fashion and art business. Morgane, grew up around Paris, in the Paris Region and has been developed her passion for photography from the age of 15. She has already published her work to great accalaim in many international fashion magazines including Mith Magazine, House of Solo, Kodd, Flawed and Juste. Her editorial pieces are diverse, each having a specific theme and and are always personal. Deedee seamlessly can pass from one style to another; from the romantic, to the pop chic, or from French style to London style. Fashion is in her blood. Personally she is a lover of Vogue, Numéro and Shön magazines and has always new trends launched by them. Her fashion heroes are Ellen Von Unwerth (a German photographer and director famous for fashion photography of Claudia Schiffer for Guess in 2012) and top model Gigi Hadid (who was ranked in 2016 by Forbes magazine fourth among the highest paid models). Deedee is always fresh with her appoach always an optimist and open to experimentation. She told me during our online interview: “Being a photographer means to have the taste for risk“. Deedee has always up fo change and she understands the one day maybe she will have to leave Paris, her hometown and the capital of Fashion. Today she regularly collaborates with bloggers and model agencies. She is also preparing for a very interesting photo exhibition next year (it’s top secret at the the moment).

How long have you been living and working in Paris? Was you born here?

I come from the Paris Region. Near to Paris. I was born here It is where I work and where my business is. I created my company at the end of last year, in November 2015. 

How has this city changed your life and work? Has this place changed after recent terroristic attacks?

Paris is a big city full of art and a source of inspiration, but there is not only Paris. A whole region Ile de France is full of treasures. I love to spend my time in urban side as well as in the countryside. Terroristic attacks have been very disturbing. I think about it wherever I am, sitting on a terrace or walking around the city. However, Parisians are strong and life goes on. Paris is an active city and always in motion. 

You are relatively new to the photographic fashion world and you are making your mark. What do you consider your biggest success up until now ?

Well, that’s true, I’m a little new one in this field. I’m like a baby, I like to say often. My biggest success? Sincerely, I don’t know if we can talk about a success, but nowadays for sure the success is being contacted by magazines for editorial work. What I can call a success is work for the blogger Jesuismodeste. One of my pictures was published in NHA Magazine and on the Jesuismodeste‘s website I also did a contest with Marilyn Agency and the model Antavenus Diop. I don’t know yet if I win but I know that I am on the top 3. What also moved me most it is that one of the members of Zink magazine contacted me to add me to their competition to promote young talent of photography. That surprised me a lot. So far that’s my biggest success when people and professionals in our industry begin to be interested in my work and me.

You worked for House of Solo, Kodd and others. What kind of photography did they request?

I had to crear very different types of pictures. For House of Solo magazine, I chose the pop side of colour, stylish clothes and softly offbeat make up. It’s what I really enjoy For Kodd magazine the theme and style were imposed. Photos were very natural. I worked too for Juste magazine. This is a French fashion magazine created by Pascale Lourmand who works a lot with children. She did campaign for Chevignon or Zadig & Voltaire. I was her assistant during this shoot. It was an amazing shoot with a gorgeous team. The model Naya was amazing. I learnt a lot. Finally, I worked for Flawed magazine. I decided to combine, in a single picture, country and fashion. Some of these pictures are available in my website

How do find world of French fashion? Do you participate in Paris Fashion Week? Do you consider yourself fashionista?

It’s a world that I’m just starting to discover. Every day I learn a little more, thanks to press, social networks, especially thanks to Instagram. I’m following lot of accounts like Vogue for example, it allows me to follow actuality about fashion and new trends. I have never participated in Paris Fashion Week, but next year I hope to have my first experience there. Am I fashionista? Well, not at all but still try to follow some trends and I particularly like London style. 

What is yout typical working day? What kind of photos (portraits, editorials, fashion etc.) really express you?

It depends on the shoot. For a session that includes tests, two hours is usually enough, make up included. On the other hand, for an editorial, I can spend a whole day. In postproduction I can spend long hours working. I have lot of fun creating editorials, because I do everything, from the start to finish but often the it can be the tiring too.

What has inspred you? Who or what has helped you to become who you are now ?

First, a friend of mine advised me on my camera choice and that’s how it started. I spent many hours learning and I cried a lot until I learned. It was my determination and my passion that drove me. I was also very lucky to integrate “Talents Brut” [agenzia di management and developement for photographers, producers, directors, mua] that motivated me and still motivates me in this passion. My style is simple, everything I have in my mind. I‘m like a child. I dream a lot night and day. I’m creative.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ? Do you have a life plan for your future?

In 10 years I hope to have my own studio and to work for big agencies, big magazines and, why not? And maybe celebrities. I don‘t exactly have a plan, I’m still asking myself will I stay in Paris. Now I work and learn a lot. Being a photographer means to take risks. Sometimes one unexpected opportunity can change your life completely. 

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